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Ask anyone who is a Project Management Professional and they will tell you that the PMP exam is the hardest part of the certification process. The four years of education and gaining the experience is the easy part. The 200 question exam that you are required to pass will take some time to get through.

You don’t want to sign up for the official exam until you’ve had plenty of time to practice. Think about the content that will be on the exam. You can actually take a mock exam as part of your practice to get an idea for the format of the exam, the content and just how hard the questions really are.

The PMP exam will be hard enough as it is without having any test anxiety thrown into the mix. Therefore you want to be as familiar with the test as you can be. Mock exams will be very helpful because you can quiz yourself over and over again until you start to get a passing score. However, if you aren’t studying in between the exams, you won’t truly be helping yourself.

There are PMP study courses that you can enroll for online. These will provide you with extensive knowledge regarding the topics covered on the exam. You can take these at your convenience, day or night. Whether you take them at the job site or in the comfort of your own home is up to you. However, you want to take the time to study or you’re not going to do very well on the real exam when the time comes.

You already know that the PMP exam is going to be hard. 200 questions is not an easy thing to work through. If you know the material backwards and forwards, though, it becomes much less intimidating. Especially if you’ve proven to yourself that you can pass multiple mock exams, you won’t have any kind of trouble at all.

PMP test materials are available online – all you have to do is look for the ones that will provide you with the best chance of passing the exam. You have the education and the experience, no it’s time to prove that you know the content by passing the exam. If you study the material before signing up for the exam, you have a better chance of getting the certification you need to move your career forward.

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