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PMP exam preparation can be challenging, but there are a number of things that people can do to make sure that they pass the exam. People who want to become a project management professional should not get overwhelmed when they are preparing for the exam. They should keep in mind that their preparation should go beyond just studying the PMBOK. A combination of study and practical experience in the field will go a long way in helping people successfully pass the exam. There are also several tips that aspiring project managers can use to help them prepare more effectively.

People who take the PMP exam are required to undergo 35 hours of training. While candidates do not have to take courses based on the PMBOK, it is best that they choose PMP exam preparation courses that are based on this guide. The PMP test is based on PMI terminology, and studying the PMBOK will help them get familiar with the language and phrasing that they will see on the test.

Everyone who sits for the PMP exam is required to have extensive experience in project management. This experience is very valuable when taking the exam. Some of the questions have to do with how to respond to specific situations. Experience in the field will help people understand these situations well so that they can respond correctly to exam questions.

While there are many formulas that must be memorized to successfully pass the PMP exam, memorization in itself is not enough to pass the test. Candidates must know when to apply different formulas in order to come up with correct answers. Understanding how different processes are related is very important in successfully passing the exam. PMP exam preparation courses will teach candidates when to apply the right formulas.

It is also important for candidates to remember the study skills that they have learned in school. They can help a lot when it comes time for PMP exam preparation. Taking multiple practice exams is a good idea. This will help people focus on areas that the have problems with. Candidates may also consider joining a PMP exam prep study group.

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